Career Development


in partnership with the West African Family and Community Services

Basic Computer Skills Training: This Includes -(1) General knowledge on computers, (2) The Internet, Email, Social Media (3).Microsoft office suite (MsWord, MsPowerPoint, MsExcel). These skills are taught in a cultural setup and they are essential to get our clients the foundation they need to start their journey to succeed in Minnesota.-

Duration: One (1) Month

Cost: $200.00 for Training Materials. Training is Free

Advanced Computer Skills Training: This Includes, - Web Development, Database Administration, Scrum Master, Cyber Security Certification and More..These certifications or programs will help our clients get into high paying IT jobs right away.

Duration: Six(6) months to 1year

Cost: Please contact us for More Information.


WanLainjo works with immigrants and refugees to help them secure permanent and long-term employment by providing basic Computer Skill Training, resume writing , Interview skill and Jobs search skill Training.

We provide our clients with Job Search skills both online and offline, Resume writing skills/kelp, Interview Skills and how to prepare physically for an interview in terms of personal presentation.

We also organize monthly Job Fairs events that will help connect our participants and other members of the community directly to the employers.


As Africans migrate from a credit/debt free continent to a credit/debit driven country they must be aware of the dangers surrounding credit and debts. The number one problem facing African immigrants in the US is financial management and how the credit system in the US works.

We provide information and coaching to help them understand the financial system in the US, we encourage them to stay out of any kind of debts so as to avoid the consequences which in many cases will significantly affects them and their family lives.

Our Savings Club is open to all members, we open a type of savings account allowing members to save for a rainy day. Money in the account is the joint property of all club members who part take in the scheme.

We also provide saving tips on products and services as a group.

Please contact us for more information.


WanLainjo Networking Events: Connecting Refugees and Immigrants to Professionals.

Discussing issues facing Immigrants and Providing Solutions

Business Development

We help our clients with business Start up and Consulting. This includes but not limited to Capital sourcing, business tracking and forecasting, Training and more. Please contact us for more information.

Community Engagement

As a pillar in the African community WanLainjo advocates for the following, Racial and police injustice in the african Immigrant community, Mental health awareness, financial equity, Diversity and inclusion of Africans in the workplace. Financial Literacy and Connecting communities to resources. Dance, cultural shows. Leadership Training.