Other Program

WanLainjo Computers For Immigrants

In partnership with, MCFS we raise funds and acquire refurbish and recycle computers donated from businesses. Data is scrubbed from the computer, in compliance with the Department of Defense standards. The refurbished computers are then sold to our members, schools and other nonprofits for a minimal fee. Each computer is customized per needs and comes with a warranty and tech support. Our goal is to provide access to computers and the internet to immigrants which can help them learn and advance in the USA.

WanLainjo Saving Club

Our Savings Club is open to all members, we open a type of savings account the will allow members to save for a rainy day, the money in the account is the joint property of all club members who part take in the scheme. We also provide saving tips on products and services as a group. Please contact us for more information.

WanLainjo Networking Programs

WanLainjo Networking Events: Connecting Refugees and Immigrants to Professionals, Discussing issues facing Immigrants and Providing Solutions